Good Food - Nice Cafés and Pop-ups Find Their Sweet Spot

Love Dem Apples has found its niche, and is sticking to it, literally, with apples dipped in caramel.

Founder Joe Dunn stumbled across the sweets in the United States and tested the concept at Sydney markets for a couple of years, before opening his Surry Hills shopfront five months ago.

Granny Smith apples are stabbed with a stick and dipped in soft caramel (not the hard red toffee you'd associate with traditional toffee apples) before being rolled in a range of textural toppings. To eat, each apple is segmented into four and served in a bowl.  

Dunn keeps things crisp, shuffling the chocolate bar- and biscuit-inspired toppings regularly. Previous specials include the Fraggle Rock with smashed Smarties.  

The window display of decorated apples ($7-$11) draws the eyes of passers-by. "It's a bit of a niche market. We're just all about getting the product out there and see how we go," Dunn says.