Home-Made Caramel Apples

fresh from the farm; crisp, tart and juicy, dipped in our
home-made soft caramel and covered in deliciousness!


About Us

Here at Love Dem Apples we've taken the humble caramel apple, a favourite North-American treat, added a few twists of our own and served it up for Sydney! Here's the lowdown on how we do it:

  1. First we make sure that all our apples are of the highest quality and that they are crisp, tart and ready to eat...
  2. Then we run them a little bath and give them a good ol' scrubbing...
  3. We then dip them into our soft, home-made, small batch, copper kettle caramel and finally...
  4. We coat them in a tasty range of flavours, from Pretzel to Apple Pie and everything in between!

We'll have a flavour that can satisfy any craving. Guaranteed!

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