Chocolate Suze - Love Dem Apples, Surry Hills

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… And because I value my health the only thing to do is choose my flavour of medicine!

You might recognise these caramel apples from a stall manned by the super friendly Joe at Glebe or Bondi markets but now you can get your fix any day from Love Dem Apples (454 Cleveland St, Surry Hills), on the corner of Crown St opposite the Surry Hills Shopping Village. 

Every day they make up a batch of caramel and it smelled fricken incredible in the store as the butter and sugar slowly caramelised and joined together in sweet matrimony.

Once the caramel has melted and is at the right temperature, the Granny Smith apples are swirled in the caramel and then rolled in toppings.

If I wasn’t so scared of burning myself on molten caramel I’d totally want to work here. Except I’d probably eat all my earnings. It’s bad enough that they’re only a 15min walk from work!

On my first visit with Helen we stood transfixed at the display for a good 10mins debating on which flavour to try. We were offered samples which was nice but ultimately made our decision harder because we wanted to eat each and every flavour haha in the end we went for the Strawberry Pop ($10) and the Tropic and Thunder ($10).

There’s a couple of stools in the store so we chose to eat there and they offered to slice our apples which was a good idea so we could share them easily and also I know that if I had attempted to eat the apple just by biting into it then I would totally have dropped it because I am all kinds of clumsy.

So were they tasty? Hells yeah they were! Yes they were sweet but not as tooth-achingly sweet as toffee apples and the tartness of the apple itself meant I could keep on eating without feeling I was about to go into a sugar coma. I loved the Strawberry Pop which reminded me of strawberries and cream lollies and there was pop rocks and I HEART pop rocks! You all know my issues with desiccated coconut so I was happy with the fresh coconut flakes on the The Tropic and Thunder.

Then there was the Oreo ($10) which was encrusted with cookie bits.

And the Pretzel ($10) which was my fave because of the magic that is the sweet and salty combo. They also sell chocolate covered bananas for $6. 

Some with cookie dough, some with marshmallow and some with 100’s & 1000s. Oh and chocolate covered popcorn! And Nanaimo ($2each), a Canadian bar with a wafer/crumb layer, vanilla icing and covered in chocolate.

Yeah baby how do you like dem apples!

The Classic Apples start at $8, Royals at $10 and Limited Editions at $13. The apples are a tad on the exxy side but I think it’s worth it to treat yoself every now and then :P Love Dem Apples is open 7 days a week from noon to late.